Bhootha Kaala (2019) Kannada Full Movie Download

Bhootha Kaala

Bhootha Kaala (2019) Kannada Full Movie Download

Bhootha Kaala is a Kannada movie released on 1 Feb, 2019. The movie is directed by Sachin Baada and featured Ananya Bhat, Aruna Balaraj and Srinivas Prabhu as lead characters.

Bhootha Kaala (2019) Kannada Review:
A bunch of researchers head to a necropolis in Chitapura, wherever outre occurances happen within the necropolis. after they attempt to investigate the mystery, associate emotional tale follows. The title of the film is reason enough to grasp that the film has one thing to try to to with the supernatural. The director begins the story with references to outre places on earth just like the Atlantic Ocean. presently one learns that the person explaining this can be a faculty member UN agency is then delivering assignments relating to such outre happenings to analysis students.

The story that follows incorporates a mixture of a romance, a supernatural heroic tale and a melodramatic emotional drama. the matter lies within the proven fact that these are not served in the right mixture and therefore the fact that the maker has tried to confirm he has associate excessive dose of everything doesn’t add its favour.

Bhootha Kaala began with the hope of showing a singular mystery heroic tale, however it finally ends up being nothing but a tale stuffed with the standard cliches seen within the horror heroic tale genre. and therefore the proven fact that the maker has tried to stay some delicate messages doesn’t manage to make the mandatory impact either.


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