Supplementary (2019) Kannada Full Movie Download


Supplementary (2019) Kannada Full Movie Download

A man is driven to the point of committing suicide after his girlfriend dies after she is bitten by a snake. It takes a couple of more hard-hitting lessons before he learns the true value of life.

Cast & Crew
Director: S.Devaraj
Actor, Producer: Mahendra Munooth
Actor: Shradda Bhatt
Release Date: 25 Jan, 2019

Supplementary (2019) Kannada Review:
MJ thought-about to be quite the idle young boy by folks around him, pursues a medical course at a government faculty. He meets the love of his life, Nayana, at college. The couple fancy the honeymoon amount of their story, until such time that Nayana’s father gets to grasp regarding her interest during this boy. to flee the wrath of her daddy, Nayana and MJ run away along. an odd incident brings in an exceedingly twist within the story – once the couple is resting underneath a tree, Nayana gets bitten by a snake. and she or he dies.

MJ UN agency is at that time unable in contact the loss of his love and also the guilt of golf shot her in unsafe surroundings that had tragic results, decides to place AN finish to his own life. But then, his teacher, Shekar, saves him and guides him back not off course in life. He even gets MJ to review for and take his supplementary exams that facilitate him complete his education. the larger twist within the tale comes in here, once the exalting teacher – Shekar – tries to kill. in this comes the title of this film.

The director has place along a script that drives home some extent, of valuing life and every one that it offers you. However, a crisp edit would have reduced the story from viewing as too instructive and thus create an impression.


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