Family Circus (2018) Gujarati Full Movie Download

Family Circus

Family Circus (2018) Gujarati Full Movie Download

Family Circus is shot in Ahmedabad and it has a strong star cast. It is an average light-hearted family-entertainer.

Cast & Crew
Director: Viral Rao
Actor: Mitra Gadhvi, Monal Gajjar, Smit Pandya, Bharat Chawda, Mehul Buch, Archan Trivedi, Raunaq Kamdar
Release Date: 18 Oct, 2018

Family Circus (2018) Gujarati Review:
Two best friends Ronak and JJ lead a conservative life-style and dream of changing into made — a wealthy person to be precise. Things go topsy-turvy after they conceive to take the assistance of Associate in Nursing underworld don Altaf Pakistani monetary unit to finish their cash troubles and to win the guts of a lady referred to as Riya.

Two friends are having some cash problems and are hunted person by a don. this can be somewhere a formula that has been perennial by several Gujarati film-makers. in order that part of foregone conclusion makes the narrative boring. and therefore the half of the film is kind of slow and elements of the film are badly emended too. Sharp writing may have salvaged the speed and it might have helped to keep one hooked to the plot. The slow pace of the story becomes troublesome to handle. and therefore the audiences are merely expected to simply accept it due to a romantic range by Shaan ‘Laagyo Re Prem Rang. Comic timings foil one lots although well-etched dialogues come back as a relief. The music by Hemang Dholakia particularly a song by Sunidhi Chauhan “Todi Didhi Chhe Main Soneri Saakhal” is great.

The moving-picture show picks up somewhat within the last half with a fun-chase (though it’s predictable). once it involves direction, infective agent Rao has done justice to some extent however the film fails majorly on the writing front. So, what we tend to get within the finish may be a uninteresting moving-picture show. The plot would possibly prompt you of influences from Priyadarshan’s comedy flicks.

The film scores quite well up to now because the performances of its lead actors are involved. Raunaq Kamdar and pheasant Gajjar look wonderful along and as a pair they need a crackle chemistry. They each have done justice to their roles. Raunaq particularly as Associate in Nursing angry young man will a superb job and his makeover from a adorned easy trying guy (Ronak) to a trendy college man looks easy. India Chawda adds additional spice to the moving-picture show along with his entry as Aarav. Smit Pandya will justice to his character therewith ‘base’ in his voice and during a don avatar with a singular name ‘Altaf Anna’ (one has seen enough of them in South-Indian films.) Mehul Buch as Monal’s father has acted well. Hindu deity Gadhvi is natural and sensible at his performance however somewhere his performance nearly looks like a repeat one from Chhello Divas and Shu Thayu?! The gang of ‘Family Circus’ — particularly Archan Trivedi positively springs up a contented surprise when he comes on screen. A special mention of Karan Patel WHO was last seen in Dhh is pleasant as he’s lovable as younger JJ (the adult one is essayed by Hindu deity Gadhvi).


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