Dandupalya 3 (2018) Kannada Full Movie Download

Dandupalya 3

Dandupalya 3 (2018) Kannada Full Movie Download

While it is commendable that the director has shown two sides to a much-talked-about case, the ending seems rather abrupt and one wishes the neutral stance taken by the filmmaker would have tied up the trilogy in a more seamless way.

Cast & Crew
Director: Srinivas Raju
Actor: P. Ravi Shankar, Pooja Gandhi, Makarand Deshpande, Ravi Kale, Sanjjanaa Galrani, Petrol Prasanna, Adi Lokesh
Release Date: 16 Mar, 2018

Dandupalya 3 (2018) Kannada Review:
For almost seven years, director Srinivas Raju delved within the world of evil and also the terribly place wherever several lives dispiritedly fell loving with evil, aiming to continue living with it with none thought ever approaching to flee. Chronicling evil is so strenuous, however Raju failed to let alone of the story with only one, going indefatigably and bravely, walk through various opposition, to form 3 components. the most recent within the three-part sequel tells the story of the Dandupalya gang from the purpose of read of the police.

The earlier 2 were the director’s version which of the gang members. Connecting the previous 2 components, peace officer Chalapathi (Ravi Shankar) provides a stark rationalization to journalist (Shruthi), United Nations agency sympathises with the criminals. Going by Chalapathi’s version, crime is in their desoxyribonucleic acid because the history of Dandupalya gang goes back eighty years, pillaging gold from Kolar Gold Fields. this heap belongs to the generation and has blood on their hands. Shifting base from the village to town, their infamous crimes, particularly spine chilling murders and sex offense of ladies, long haunted the police. The film captures the struggle undergone by the enforcement personnel and their strategy to capture the gang.

Srinivas Raju’s storytelling has troubling components, in any case evil isn’t sensible trying, however he tells it during a limitless manner, instead of focusing abundant on the efforts created by the police. And knowing Raju, a producer United Nations agency shuns manipulation, one ought to appreciate his nerve to handle such a posh script that takes U.S. faraway from a structured, livable society.

As for the actors, it’s tough for any performer to urge attention for taking part in negative shade, and Pooja Gandhi for certain wins over the audience along with her powerful performance. Makarand Deshpande gets skin deep into the character. therefore is that the performance by remainder of the actors as well as Jayadev Mohan, Muni, hydrocarbon Prasanna, adi Lokesh among others. Ravi Shankar is associate degree expert and makes no mistakes in entering into the police avatar. Shruthi, Kari Subbu, Ravi Kale, Danny are well placed. Arjun Janya’s background score is haunting complementing the script whereas filming by Venkat Prasad is crisp. they are saying truth has rough flavours if we tend to bite it through, and if you prefer it that manner, choose Danduplaya.


Dandupalya 3 (2018) Kannada Full Movie Download
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